About the shoot: Meet Baymax

Today is the second anniversary of the Big Hero 6 release date, when so many of us were touched by this film. ❤️ Seems as good a time as any to share some stories and additional behind-the-scenes photos from one of our most featured cosplay photo sets based on Big Hero 6! This was first shared over at: my original post on Tumblr (158,996 notes as of now)

Even if you’ve seen the main photo set before, I’m sharing some extra things below!

Hiro Hamada ➝ Jin (me)
Tadashi Hamada ➝ Miguel
Baymax ➝ Kero
Costumes made by us

Photos by Reskiy
Assisted by Tanya, Charmie, and Kat L.

First, here’s a look at our photo series recreation of that scene.


It may seem like a simple scene where Tadashi makes an impromptu side-trip to take Hiro to get a first look at his robotics project. I think what really made this scene mean so much more to me is when later on we see the video of Tadashi celebrating when Baymax is finally operational, after all the failed tests and frustrations. Instead of thinking of the accolades he would get for presenting Baymax to the school, his immediate thought was of Hiro.

vlcsnap-2016-11-07-17h59m58s26.png“Wait ’til my brother sees you.”


Makes you realize how much he had been looking forward to that moment, and how important it was for him. And it kills me thinking of how that the only time that all three of them had been together. Always be grateful for your loved ones and everything they do to make you happy.

Before I drown in my tears, we can move on to more light-hearted aspects of the shoot!

“Where did you find Tadashi’s lab?”

Something we get asked about a lot is how we find locations to hold our shoots in. In this case we really didn’t have to look far. Miguel has a workshop where his crafting materials and tools are stored. Our group of friends goes there sometimes to work on our costumes together.

While it may not look exactly like Tadashi’s lab in the movie, just the fact that it is Miguel’s workspace and that we build things together in there gave it just the right spirit for us to happily choose it as our shoot location. 🙂

“Is Baymax real?”

In a way, he is! He doesn’t have defibrillators built into his palms but it’s definitely a life-sized suit that our friend Kero wears. It was handmade. You can see it in action in this video that Reskiy took.

And yes — the Baymax suit makes for great squishy hugs!

Some behind-the-scenes fun

So one of my followers sent this screencap for me to try and copy:


While looking through photos I realized I had already made that face, and unintentionally so. 😂

I really do try to capture my character’s facial expressions as much as I can.

doneHere’s one of the frames that we were using as reference.

2bv2And here are my friends coaching me while I say the line to really try to feel the expression

7-p1050415-webFinal photo!

And here’s a look at the team behind this shoot! Everyone helped, from helping to direct our faces and poses, to protecting Baymax from running into things.

bh6_btsFrom our group of nerds who made this happen: Thank you for all the love! ❤️


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11 thoughts on “About the shoot: Meet Baymax”

  1. Yay new blog 😀

    This was the photoshoot that made me realize a cosplayer (or cosplayers – must include your friends!!) of your caliber existed, it amazes me that your cosplays are so on point, down to every little detail. I look forward to your future cosplays!! 😀


  2. Ooh, so excited you started a blog! Really enjoyed reading this post, especially the behind-the-scenes details! Your BH6 cosplay was the way I found out about Tux Team, and I’m so thankful you all put in the effort to make it. I am still blown away by how much love was put into this project.


    1. I am happy you enjoyed reading it as much as I did putting it together! It feels good to have a blog again!

      I’m so glad that our BH6 cosplay had gotten the reach that it did, because to me it means that we managed to make a lot of people happy. 🙂 And it means a lot to hear how you could see that this whole project was made out of love. Thank you so much! ❤


  3. WOOOOO!!! I always love your style of writing and retelling how your cosplay adventures go down~! I remember when you first posted this and and ’emotional’ expression is still the best! haha NOW I’LL JOIN IN THE TEARBENDING CAUSE TADASHI IS A HAPPY BRO NERD! ❤


    1. It always makes me happy when someone says they enjoy my writing! As I’m picking it back up again for this blog, I realized how much I’ve missed it!

      Hahaha! I was surprised by how that turned out as well! My friends gave me such good direction!

      Awwww! We’ll never forget Tadashi ❤


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