My Trusted Contact Lens Sources

Greetings to all your lovely little eyeballs! I heard from my overseas friends that a big contact lens store recently shopped shipping to the U.S., and people are scrambling for a new source for cosplay lenses. I thought I’d share my favorites to help you guys out! 😊

After years of knowing these sellers, I can attest that they are trustworthy and earnestly supportive of cosplayers. If you were wondering if these lenses are safe to use — I’ve used these lenses for years (especially from the first source I will mention) and have had no issues. I get my eyes checked by an ophthalmologist periodically, and he says my eyes are healthy. They’re not damaged by using these lenses, also because I observe proper lens care, eye care, and general hygiene.

For some background info on my eyes and what I look for in lenses:

  • PIGMENTATION: My natural eye color is very dark brown — so dark that it’s hard to see the distinction between my pupils and irises. Seeing as they are so dark, I need lenses with high pigmentation for the color to show up at all.
  • PRESCRIPTION: I am very nearsighted so I always need graded lenses. I can’t see enough to function well if I wear non-graded lenses.
  • COMFORT: I appreciate lenses that feel comfortable even if I wear them for up to 12 hours, for the times I need them on longer for conventions or photo shoots. (On regular days though, I use contacts sparingly and usually keep them on for only 8 hours then switch back to my glasses.)

Here are photos of me not wearing lenses

Alice and Rabbit’s Shop

💙  Website:
💙  Facebook:

I’ve been using lenses from them for over 5 years! I had written quite a bunch about them on my Tumblr and even on my journal posts on DA. Some of their lens designs are my all-time favorites, so for some I’ve owned like 4 pairs of the same design (since we’re supposed to replace them after a year of use).

  • Some of their designs are available as graded lenses! So helpful for someone who is terribly nearsighted like me. 👓
  • The designs I use are about 14.5mm, so on me I find that they offer a bit of enlargement without being too much.
  • Very bright colors and patterns that stand out even on my dark eyes.
  • They feel slightly thicker than my everyday contact lenses, but I don’t experience discomfort when wearing them.
  • With the right makeup, I feel like these really add to the illusion of me looking like an animated character in photos. ✨
  • Lenses are made by one of the top lens manufacturers in Korea. They have certifications from ISO (International Standard Organisation), CE (Conformité Européenne) and KGMP (Korea Good Manufacturing Practice).
  • Lenses are good for 1 year after opening.
  • Accepts PayPal, but also offers other payment options for both PH and overseas buyers.

Here are some photos of me wearing lenses from Alice and Rabbit’s Shop!

DSC05900 (portrait)A&R Cosplay Lenses (Icy Grey)

Click on photos for larger view ⤴︎
A&R Crystal Max Lens (Crystal Blue)

DSC07275 (web)
A&R Crystal Max Lens (Crystal Green)

A&R Cosplay Lenses (Ocean Blue)

A&R Crystal Max Lens (Crystal Brown)

DSC07387 (web)A&R Cosplay Lenses (Icy Grey)


💜  Facebook:
💜  Website: (temporarily down; they take orders through FB)

GWYSHOP’s Sweety Plus lenses caught my eye because of how vibrant but natural they look! I used to cosplay mainly anime characters so my lenses were mostly in that sort of style. But lately I’ve been doing more realistic portrayals, so I’ve been exploring other styles of contact lenses too!

  • They ship worldwide! Prices on their websites are usually listed in Philippine peso, but you can send a private message to their FB page or email them through to find out what the price will be in your chosen currency.
  • Beautiful natural-looking designs, vibrant even on my dark eyes.
  • They have a good selection of lenses that are available graded.
  • Their lenses are manufactured in Korea, and are KFDA approved.
  • All the lenses I’ve tried so far are very comfortable for my usual 8-hour wear time. I’ve worn some longer for shoots, and did not experience discomfort.
  • On their FB page they provide lots of photos of the lenses worn by different people, so you get a good sense of what you’re going to get. (It can still differ based on your natural eye color though, for the designs that are sheer.)
  • Lenses are good for 1 year after opening.
  • Apart from selling contact lenses, you can ask them order wigs from Taobao for you. I find it troublesome to buy from Taobao directly, so I just link them the wig I want and if it’s possible, they order it and ship it to me.

Click on photos for larger view ⤴︎
Pitchy Grey

These look very striking in person! Light grey with a hint of green. The pattern and color blend make these look very natural even if the color is intense. Hoping to try Pitchy Blue next!

Click on photos for larger view ⤴︎
Sweety Spatax Blue

Although the lenses are labeled as blue, the green pigmentation in the center is quite strong and the blue is mostly around the edges. They look really nice though, and would be great for cosplaying characters with light blue-green eyes!


Batis Grey (more about this below)

How I choose which contacts to use for my cosplays

Everyone’s eyes and preferences are different of course, so I won’t be giving you rigid rules on how to go about this. I only hope to show you how different lens designs can affect your overall look, even if they seem to be the same color.

I actually struggled a bit when I was deciding on what lens to wear for my Noctis cosplay. I probably went through 4 different lenses before deciding on the ones that I use now. 💦


When I have the time, I like to take the opportunity do something like a dress rehearsal for my cosplays, so I can see how they register on camera before I wear it out to a shoot or event.

This is from one of my earlier makeup tests for Noct. My wig was still too fluffy then, and the tones of my makeup was kinda off, but I think the main thing I noticed was that my eyes looked too big.

When I shared some of my photos wearing these lenses, I got some comments like “Baby Noct!” and I figured the effect of my eyes was really making me look too young. I was wearing A&R Cosplay Lenses in Icy Grey, and while I like how they emphasize the eyes and the way they look when photographed, they weren’t the best match when comparing to how Noct’s eyes look in-game.

Final-Fantasy-XV-Noctis-WallpaperSo this is one of the most popular renders of Noctis, and his eyes look something like a striking deep blue. This is the bluest (and biggest) I’ve seen his eyes look, but in the actual game they look more grey. I know it can depend on lighting too, but still. Point is, sometimes even the official references have discrepancies. 😂

159441In this screencap, his hair looks more blue than his eyes which look dominantly grey.

FINAL FANTASY XV_20170126205201
And scenes like this, his eyes look pretty dark; it’s hard to distinguish the separation between his irises from his pupils.

So what do I do at times like this? Choose the look that I personally like best — which of these I feel I would be comfortable seeing on myself, and which most resembles the way I remember Noctis through my personal experience of the game.

Also considering that my eyes looked a bit too big and cartoony in my previous makeup test, I knew I had to find something that didn’t have such a stark limbal ring (the black line around the colored part of the lens) and perhaps a smaller diameter.


Weeks after the previous photo, I did another makeup test with the lenses I decided to stick with for Noct — Batis Grey from GWYSHOP. Somehow I feel like I’ve managed to look appropriately older with these lenses since they don’t exaggerate the size of my eyes. No more Baby Noct? Hahah!

DSC07303 (web)

They are neutral grey lenses (than can get a tinge of blue depending on the lighting) with a very natural-looking pattern which fits the way FFXV characters are rendered in a more realistic style. The lenses are sheer so the edges you see are the natural diameter of my eyes (around 14mm, instead of 14.5mm with the previous lenses). The edges add enough emphasis without looking too cartoony. The middle part has a speckled pattern that makes the color blends look more soft and natural.

While I’m not fully satisfied with my eye makeup here, I do really like these lenses for Noctis! 😄 I used these for our Camping Chocobros photo shoot and was really happy the results!

The contacts are kind of hard to see since it was a night shoot and these aren’t close-ups but here are some photos!

IMG_9083 (web v2)

8 - IMG_9202 (crop)

I was worried that the more subtle design of Batis Grey might not be too visible in shoot photos but I’m glad to have been proven wrong in that regard!

1 - DSC02774 (web)
Lastly, here’s a shot of me and the royal boyband, hahah! These guys are the best, and inspire me to be the best Noct I can be for them. So even with a little element like contact lenses I want to do as much as I can!

Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

Please don’t feel shy about speaking up if you have any questions or need some clarifications, or even just to tell me which part was most helpful to you! 😀 I always want to be better at sharing content with you, and hearing from you guys really helps!

❓ Would you like to see a lens care blog post, or is that a little obvious? (Did you know it’s not the best decision to use tap water and soap to clean your lens cases? I have also seen people wash their lenses in bulk by tossing all of them onto a plate that’s used for food, and it made me a little anxious. 💦)

Also feel free to share the link to this post if you have friends who would appreciate these contact lens tips! I hope this helps you find lenses to complete your cosplay!



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3 thoughts on “My Trusted Contact Lens Sources”

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I’ve stopped cosplaying for years and have pretty much lost all sources to bright coloured contacts! I can’t wait to stock up a few for a few fun makeup looks i wanna try out!


    1. Glad to help! Yeah, the nice thing about lenses is that they don’t necessarily just have to be for cosplay. Apart from needing them to see (bad eyesight club!) I find them just fun to wear every now and then. 😀


  2. This is so useful Jin, thank you~! My Alice and Rabbit ones just came in and I’m excited to wear contacts again. I started using them after you spoke about them on Deviant and they definitely do cover dark eyes! Super comfortable as well, considering I don’t wear contacts or glasses, I got used to the feel really quick ^^ excited to try GWYSHOP now though, especially if they help with wigs~! 😀 ❤


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