About Tux Team

Hi there, I’m Jin! I’m the designated writer for this blog. Let me tell you about Tux Team.

Tux Team is basically my group of friends, and we came to be known by that name in the cosplay community for,  uh, some reason or another. We don’t even wear tuxedos much. However, the name grew on us and we decided to just roll with it!

We’re just a bunch of creative nerds who have varying specialties, and despite our differences we enjoy a lot of stuff together. Our skill sets include: propmaking, sewing, painting, wig styling, character makeup, digital and traditional illustration, shooting photos and videos, and so on.

In our free time, we like to make use of our abilities to help each other put together costumes and execute cosplay shoots. Sometimes we are also invited as guests to conventions, where we hold panels to share the things we’ve learned.

We don’t really have a strict roster or anything like that. We’re not a formal organization and I wouldn’t even call us a club — we’re really just a bunch of friends who hang out and do these things for fun. 😄 Tux Team is simply a collective nickname we use for cosplay, to make it easier to refer to us as a group.

Here are some samples of our work that you may have seen floating around on the internet:

Big Hero 6 cosplay

Some samples of our Big Hero 6 cosplay that went viral and was featured by so many big media sites internationally! (Click here for a list if you’d like to see some of them!)

We are so happy that so many people around the world appreciated this project because this movie meant so much to us! ❤️

Naruto cosplay

Another one of the series that we are most associated with!

Final Fantasy X cosplay

This project included our recreation of one of the proudest moments of video game history: Tidus’ laugh

Kingdom Hearts 2 cosplay

Jin’s collaboration with friends in the US!

Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!)

Our attempts to make live action recreations of the anime stills!

Older projects from DeviantArt days

Let’s kick it old school — Here are some of our photos from my DeviantArt!

No matter how long or short you have known of us, we appreciate you dropping by here! We hope you enjoy your stay! 😀

If you’d like to see more from the individuals behind the team, here are public social media pages for those of us that have them:

Jin (me!)



I am probably the most active on social media out of all of us, which is why they leave most of the posting to me. 💧 So if you need someone to contact about Tux Team, please feel free to reach out to me!

Shoutout to our friends with whom we have collaborated with and who are just generally awesome people in the cosplay community!