My Trusted Contact Lens Sources

Greetings to all your lovely little eyeballs! I heard from my overseas friends that a big contact lens store recently shopped shipping to the U.S., and people are scrambling for a new source for cosplay lenses. I thought I’d share my favorites to help you guys out! 😊

After years of knowing these sellers, I can attest that they are trustworthy and earnestly supportive of cosplayers. If you were wondering if these lenses are safe to use — I’ve used these lenses for years (especially from the first source I will mention) and have had no issues. I get my eyes checked by an ophthalmologist periodically, and he says my eyes are healthy. They’re not damaged by using these lenses, also because I observe proper lens care, eye care, and general hygiene.

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Nude Lip Colors for Cosplay

When I cosplay, I normally prefer to tone down the color of my lips unless the lip color is an identifying trait. Considering that cosplay makeup looks can have a lot going on — for example, lots of detailing around the eyes — I like to downplay other areas to keep the focus on those features that really define the character.

My natural lip color usually looks pink, so it gives the appearance that I’m wearing pink lipstick even if I’m not. So I prefer to color my lips something close to my skin tone so it’s not distracting.

For this post, I’ll get into my favorite lip colors in my cosplay kit, and how I pick colors for certain characters!

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Current Skin Care Routine

An updated routine, years after my first skin care post! ✨ I have such fond memories of that first one, and it makes me really happy when up to now people tell me that they learned so much (and laughed a lot) because of that journal entry! I had no idea it would generate so much interest, but I actually enjoy this skin care stuff and am happy to encourage more people to take care of themselves!

This isn’t necessarily only to prepare for cosplay, but it’s something you can benefit from for everyday life. Our face is something we regularly present to people and communicate with, so it’s great when you can feel more confident about it. 😀

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