Welcome to the Tux Team blog!

Hey, guys! This is Jin (behindinfinity)! Thank you for just being here and reading this!

Welcome to the first post of the new Tux Team blog! I haven’t kept a proper blog in a while, though in truth I have been missing it terribly. There is just something I’ve always loved about writing something more substantial than the usual Facebook/Instagram photo caption, and telling a story through a sequence of photos.

Some of you have followed my work from when I would mainly post on my DeviantArt, and until now tell me how much they enjoyed my long photo-filled journal entries there. But I doubted if anyone still enjoyed that type of posts now that so much has changed with all these newer social media platforms. I wrote a post on my Facebook page last week to ask if anyone would be interested to read it if I started blogging again. I was really touched by the response! So here we are!

Thank you guys so much for encouraging me, and sharing your thoughts with me. Truly, it means more to me than I can express. So all I hope for now is that you will enjoy what I will share here, and that you will not hesitate to by shy about commenting on my posts here! ❤️  Whether you want to ask a question, offer some insight, or just say hi — everything is welcome! I always look forward to comments from you guys!

The interaction I have with you guys is what really keeps me going when it comes to sharing online. I am always grateful when people take a moment to show their appreciation, or share something from their own experiences. I learn so much from you guys, and I hope we can continue to do so together!

While I work on getting more content here, here are other places you can follow our updates:

  • Jin (behindinfinity) Facebook page
    I do regular updates here, from showing work-in-progress photos of our current projects, to first looks at photos from our shoots, as well as live updates when we’re at conventions!
  • behindinfinity on Tumblr (or TuxTeam.net)
    This is where I post photo sets of our shoots after they’re released on Facebook. Sometimes I would put blog-like posts in here as well.
  • skybluedays on Twitter
    Probably where I am most random, ahaha!