Nude Lip Colors for Cosplay

When I cosplay, I normally prefer to tone down the color of my lips unless the lip color is an identifying trait. Considering that cosplay makeup looks can have a lot going on — for example, lots of detailing around the eyes — I like to downplay other areas to keep the focus on those features that really define the character.

My natural lip color usually looks pink, so it gives the appearance that I’m wearing pink lipstick even if I’m not. So I prefer to color my lips something close to my skin tone so it’s not distracting.

For this post, I’ll get into my favorite lip colors in my cosplay kit, and how I pick colors for certain characters!

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Cosplay Makeup: Basic Process

To start, let me just say that this process is not strictly only for Naruto! 😄

I’ll discuss general concepts that can be adjusted to suit a variety of different characters, and show you some of my cosplay makeup supplies!

This is going to be a long photo-filled post, so brace yourself, get some refreshments, and let’s begin!

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